Sep. 1st, 2015 09:22 am
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MOLLY WEASLEY delights in being busy, and there is PLENTY in the next few years to keep her busy. The Burrow looks even more rackety than usual as she is always rushing out for a committee meeting. She takes up mentoring start up businesses again (just as she did with the Hope Emporium) and assisting with family reunification (spin off from the Sleeper project).

One of her proudest moments is the day that she attends the ceremony where members of her family are honored for their part in Albion's revolution, and she accepts The Order of Albion, First Class, for herself, and the Order of Albion, First Class, the Phoenix Medal, Second Class, and the Order of Merit, posthumously, for Arthur.

Her circle of friends and acquaintances grows quite large. She continues to juggle multiple responsibilities, lend a listening ear, knit, and host dinners at the Burrow on Sundays for People Who Are Weasleys/Nominally Weasleys (although the linkages get rather attenuated at times). She dotes on her grandchildren and is a parenting mentor to any of the Order Juniors who ask for assistance.

One thing she does NOT do is nag or even so much as hint to her own children that she wants grandkids (she does, desperately, and she is delighted when they come along, but she learned a lot during the war about boundaries, so...).

In about twenty years, she goes through an especially lonely period, missing Arthur, and wondering whether she should try to find someone to new to start a relationship with. But she decides, reluctantly, that after all these years, it would just be too weird.

She maintains a particularly close relationship with Alice, Frank and Poppy. She can always be relied upon to offer up a tin of shortbread or a knitted garment for a new baby.

She lives to a very great age, surrounded by loving and squabbling Weasleys and their extended families.
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I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.

(Poppy, will you have Healers transporting those too wobbly to manage their own apparition? Because I'd be available to help with side along, if you could use another hand.)
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Ginny, dear,

You probably saw Ron's post. That is very good news, and we are hopeful that the war is finally close to finished, but there have been some deaths among our own. Your brothers and sisters-in-law are all safe as of this writing, but, I think Luna should come find me before opening her journal. If you don't want me to come there to the safe house first thing in the morning?

I understand if you don't want me to, dear, but in that case, please don't let Luna open her journal until she's come back here and spoken with me or Alice or Poppy first.

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Aug. 29th, 2015 08:14 am
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Hydra, dear, I am so dreadfully sorry. Losing a husband is...

Well, I know you have Pansy and Sally-Anne, and all the rest of your friends, dear. But should you want to talk, or just have someone sit with you, or if I can help in any way, you need only ask.



Bill? Poppy? Will...will Rachel be all right?
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Offering amnesty to Seamus Finnigan cannot have been easy. Please know that I understand that very well. I bless the day we voted you in as Arthur's replacement (he would have, too) and I will be grateful to you until my dying day.
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So that you can be aware of how he's doing, this entry is simply to let you know that I just finished a heart-to-heart talk with Linus Moon.

I think the first shock and numbness has worn off a little, and so the grief is definitely welling up. He seemed to blink back tears at a couple of points in our conversation, although his speech was--oh, you know Linus. Perhaps it would be easier if he went ahead and let himself cry, but he is, after all, a very proud young men and--well, I've raised six boys of my own. I understand why he doesn't want to let himself go. He is very grateful for Ernie Macmillan's offer to help with any arrangements which must be made, but he's fretting about the difficulties presented by his estrangement from Karo. Understandable, certainly.

I judge he is also suffering quite a bit of agony over whatever caused the falling out with Lavender--I didn't get a clear picture of exactly what's going on there. 'The Love of the Muse must burn within the heart of a true poet like a torch when the fire of Love itself falters.'

Or something.

His conversation was rather elliptical (at times downright mystifying) and kept wandering back to Arithmancy. I think his impulse is to bury himself in arithmatic calculations--but he has a most exquisite delicacy about asking you for more projects, Aurora, because 'I don't want to be a burden to her.'

Rachel, I included you because he was also fretting over other people he wanted to inform of his family's death, specifically Padma Patil. I gather they were friends. I told him quite firmly that he must obtain permission from your security personnel before making any attempt to contact her. I was worried he might argue, but instead an expression crossed his face that--oh, he seemed so very tragic and hopeless.

I don't think that he will attempt to contact anyone in defiance of Alice's latest directive, despite how brittle he is, but I just wanted to make you aware.

I do think we should keep a close eye on him. The poor young man.
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It's your seventeenth birthday, my darling, and I want to be with you so very much.

You were born at 3:26 pm, at home. Your Dad didn't go to work that day. Pandora Lovegood stopped by for awhile to help with the children, so Dad could be with me and the midwife. Maisie Diggory had brought round lunch and dinner for everyone, but I believe everyone was too excited to eat until rather late. You were the first girl to be born in the Weasley family in a very long time, so it was a very special occasion.

Arthur cut the cord with his wand and held you within five minutes of your being born. I was tired, of course, but so very pleased! We were all oooing and ahhing because you were so pretty! You had a fine crop of red hair, and the tiniest little fingers and toes. You were a little smaller than any of my other babies, but just perfectly formed.

At about five o'clock, we brought your brothers in to meet you, and they all gathered around the bed in Arthur's and my room. Bill held you first. He had a lot of experience with his brothers, of course. You managed to get one little fist out from underneath your blankets and bonked him on the nose, which made him laugh. I remember that Percy was so excited to meet you that he fell right off the bed! Luckily not while he was holding you, though! The twins wanted to hold you, too. They were a little small, but we propped them up well with pillows, one at a time, and they were able to cuddle you, too. They didn't say much, but they had grins from ear to ear. Ron was just a toddler himself, and so he didn't quite understand what this new bundle was that his Mum was holding, but I remember how he patted your cheek and then leaned down and kissed it. They stayed with you for almost an hour. You slept through the whole thing.

In your honour, that night your Dad planted the white rose bush that now climbs and cascades over the back door, the one that smells so lovely. Did I ever tell you the name of it? It's called 'White Dawn.'

I love you. I carried you under my heart for nine months, and I will carry you in my heart always.
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I know we are all tired. We are exhausted. We are working miracles, and we've had terrible shocks and heartbreaking setbacks and we're all mourning our losses and--

I probably shouldn't write this at all. I should keep my mouth shut and my journal shut, and spare you the grief of my venting to you but I am too bloody enraged!

What in Merlin's name was Evelyn thinking? She wouldn't have even told anyone that she was inviting Antonin Sodding Dolohov to just mosey over to the Forbidden Forest just outside Hogwarts Castle? First of all, how did she dare to take a risk with all of our security? Ginny had to be cruciated repeatedly to throw her loyalty to Dolohov, but what in blazes is Evelyn's excuse?!

Did she feel pity for him? Pity because he was mourning that OBSCENE MURDERER Barty Crouch? Perhaps she could redirect her pity toward some of Crouch's actual victims, like poor Linus Moon's entire family!

My son isn't here, and I don't know if he ever will be again. My daughter is a brainwashed prisoner toadying up to Dolohov, who PERSONALLY MURDERED MY BROTHERS, and what's to prevent him from leaving Albion and TAKING HER WITH HIM when the wards finally come down? Why on earth is Evelyn helping him? How can she THINK of helping him? And how dare she use Ginny's status as a prisoner to do it! She's never even written to Ginny she was captured, and now only does it to get a pity message to Dolohov?



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Aug. 7th, 2015 09:41 pm
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Congratulations, Aurora, to you and to the rest of your hard-working team!
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Queens know that when they send their knights into battle, sometimes those brave knights will fall.

Yes, sacrifices must be made, but we promise we will not risk our pieces unnecessarily. And yet the game is not finished. The end game is nearing, and soon, we hope, the black queen will fall.

This queen hopes to see her brave knight return home again, to be back with the rest of the chess set where he belongs.

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Aug. 2nd, 2015 04:30 am
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Have they come in?

Have they been found?

I can't bear it

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Aug. 2nd, 2015 12:20 am
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I've been waved back by some of the Hogwarts galleon holders. They were evacuating some of the wounded, but the Healers with them are missing, along with the rest.

The inferi have swarmed the site. Don't send any more wounded there!

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Jul. 19th, 2015 12:03 pm
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Good news: Of course, many of the Sleepers waking up know each other, because they were from the same area and so were in the same family or near neighbours. We've passed another milestone, however: Jen Arachne is working miracles, and we've made several matches of newly awakened Sleepers with people already in the Reunification Registry. Yesterday we had our first reunion. Mrs Janki Bhattachayra's daughter and son-in-law thought she had died back in 1983, when the Sleeper project began. Mrs Bhattachayra was shocked at how much her daughter had aged and astonished at how old her grandchildren are now, but there were happy tears all around.

Hermione, the potion has improved noticeably in the past week with your tweaks. And there are less hiccups with the whole potion administration process, and we've polished our orientation process somewhat, so there is a bit less trauma with awakening for everyone concerned than there was in the first couple of days.

Several of the awakened Sleepers have recovered enough that they are beginning to do simple jobs for us. We have organised a few teachers who are giving the newly awakened catch-me-up orientations for a couple of hours every morning, and then their time is spent either sleeping/recovering, doing interviews with the Reunification team to give them data to help track down families, and light tasks for those who are willing (knitting socks is something that some of the women can and are willing to do even the first day). We are trying to get everyone out of bed after two days at the most. New people are awakening to fill those bed every day!
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Ginny, dear, I'm so sorry.

I love you with all my heart.

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Jul. 8th, 2015 08:14 pm
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Thank you, everyone. Our family is deeply grateful for your support.

I don't know what else I can say.
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Even though I understand your reasons weren't the same as mine, they led to the same ending.

Thank you.

We promise that we'll keep the matter private to ourselves.

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Jun. 11th, 2015 05:15 pm
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I've been exchanging private messages in the journals with Percy's ex-girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater. She claims to be horrified with the stories in the Prophet about the Order murdering civilians, and isn't sure what to think. She's openly admitted that she's been charged to glean whatever information from us that she can, and so I'm not sure whether her professions of horror are a calculated attempt to make me blurt out something that her 'friends' can use against us. So I'm being cautious in my replies to her. At any rate, I wanted to pass along what she has reported about conditions in New London:
There were a tonne of shortages. Queues for hours, and when you got to the front, they'd be charging ridiculous prices for the handful of things they had left, and you'd be grateful to get them. And hardly anyone has a steady paycheck, so I've seen people trying to exchange silverware for food. I was honestly worried about starving, and when Karo brought me in, it was such a relief at first, because they had a steady supply of things.

At least the streets were safe at night, and they had the good sense to lift the restrictions for halfbloods. Even though there isn't any crime to speak of, or restrictions, most people still stay inside most nights because they're so frightened.
I'm trying to make her see reason, but really, it's very uphill work. She did mention other issues that are supposedly raising doubts in her mind, and so I also wanted to pass those along, as the fears underlying these should be certainly be addressed by our own news outlets.
  • Apparently, the Protectorate's party line is stressing the violence associated with the uprisings in the camps ("anarchy and brutality"), and in Ireland.
  • There are reports of people missing from their homes
  • We are, of course, being blamed for the 'tragedy at Hogwarts,' but I'm unclear exactly how that's being pinned on us
  • Draco, I'm sorry, but the damage that's already been done to your reputation is lending credence to the lies the Prophet has published: 'I knew Draco was dangerous, he'd killed before, after all, but this just seemed beyond the pale...'
  • She also speaks of 'a world descending into chaos' and 'the violence caused by the Order.' I would judge from this that a longing for security and order is one of the themes that's being heavily stressed
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I simply don't understand the irresistible urge that is apparently driving several people in the Order to write to Antonin Sodding Dolohov.

I don't intend to write to him myself. But if I suddenly discover that I am beginning to feel that overwhelming urge, I promise to come find one of the four of you first.

If and when I do, I would deeply appreciate it if you would immediately put me in full-body bind, take away my journal, and not allow me to have ink and quill for a month.

Thank you.
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I haven't seen Madam Pomfrey write to you. I imagine Hermione spoke with you when she came out, but in case she left a little abruptly, I wanted to pass on to you what Poppy just wrote to me.

She said that Luna hasn't transformed, and she believes she will survive the night. She said it's about the best outcome we could have hoped to see.

I'm so sorry. I know how hard it is to wait. I'll come to the room just before dawn so I can be there as she's released. But if you want company during the night, send me a Patronus, and I'll come earlier.

Courage, Colin. She will be all right.
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I can't settle to anything. I'm outside by the lake watching the sun get closer to the horizon.

Poppy, please let me know. When

as soon as you know.