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May. 23rd, 2015 10:32 am
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I've put a notice up at the entrance to the Great Hall, but do please pass the word along to those students still here who are Prefects, so they can ensure that all the rest of the remaining students are informed.

We will be holding a private Hogwarts Memorial Service for the Fallen tomorrow at 10:00 am at the burial site, and everyone currently in the castle is welcome to attend. We will have shield charms up in case of rain. The elves will be serving a cold collation luncheon in the Great Hall immediately following the Service.

This time of grief has been extraordinarily difficult for us all, but everyone has risen to the occasion with a willingness and resolve which is very heartening and which I am sure honours the lost in a way that fully respects their sacrifice. The tasks involved including identifying and preparing the bodies of the fallen, correspondence, and assisting with the details of tomorrow's service. We all owe a debt of great thanks to Professors Vector and Sinistra, to Madam Pomfrey, and to Cedric Diggory, Colin Creevey, Ernest Macmillan and Luna Lovegood, all of whom helped in various ways with the myriad of details involved in making arrangements.

We will see you tomorrow at 10:00 am.

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May. 21st, 2015 03:24 pm
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I just had an owl drop a letter on my head here in bed.

It was signed by Virgil Crispin, damn him, and it's a very official-looking document informing me that due to 'traitorous actions against the Protectorate on premises,' the Hope Emporium and all of its contents have been seized and my licence for doing business has been revoked.

I presume the twins will receive the same.

Oh, bugger. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

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May. 16th, 2015 02:45 pm
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My dearest ones,

I had thought to make this a private message just to the Weasley family, but my goodness, there are a lot of us now, aren't there? I couldn't possibly squeeze all the names I want to include at the top of this one journal entry. More than that, I don't want to exclude anyone on this lock. It's so strange, but I've come to realise in the past twenty-four hours that my family includes the entire Order. Yes, even those of you reading this who always roll your eyes when you see me coming (with my knitting and my pies and my dithering and worrying) and growl about my mawkish sentimentality. Sorry, you'll just have to live with the dreadful fate of being considered an honourary Weasley.

I'm writing this because--well. I hope that I'm wrong, that I will feel very foolish tomorrow for making this entry. If we're extremely lucky, tomorrow we can all count each other as safe, and there will be more eye-rolling at poor silly Molly, who worries so. Go ahead and roll them, if that's the case. I won't mind in the least, I promise you, because I'll be so relieved myself.

But there's a chance that there will be some of you who I will not be able to see tomorrow, or any day in the years to come. Because we know there's a crisis coming, don't we, and it seems very clear that Voldemort intends it to come tonight. I just want to say that for those (oh dear, my eyes are leaking as I write this, how silly)...

For those of you who will no longer be able to read this before the sun rises again--we will not forget you. I will not forget you, if I am blessed to see the sun tomorrow again myself. But if I am not, I want you to know how glad I have been to know you, how very grateful and proud I have been to serve the Order beside you. Thank you.

I do so love you all.

I'm at Moddey Dhoo now. I have left some private letters in Arabella's keeping to be given out afterwards if...if they're needed.

Soon I will go to the staging area, and I'm glad, because it means that I'm not at home to look at the clock.
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To the one who now calls himself Harry Potter:

You belong to me, and always have. This has always been your purpose. This has always been your destiny. Accept it - embrace it.

Come to me and you need never know pain or fear again. Come to me willingly, and you can end this pointless conflict now and forever. Come to me before midnight in two days' time, and no one else need die because of your cowardice. Submit to my will, and understand. It's time, Harry.

Your schoolmates' lives depend on you obeying my command.

Harry Marvolo,

You do realise what will happen if you fail to obey Our Lord's commands?

Not only will children be killed, my children, but Hogwarts itself will be through. It has been the place to nurture pureblood witches and wizards for more than a thousand years, but I doubt that it will welcome any new students next year.

For what parent would ever dare send their child to a place upon which Our Lord has unleashed his wrath? The very stones themselves will be cursed if our children's blood is spilled upon them there!

My son Ron always told me that you may have been known as Our Lord's son, but you loved Hogwarts as much as the humblest of the students there. And so I appeal to you, by your love for the place which has been practically your home for the past seven years.

Do what you must do. Do it for your friends.

Do it for Hogwarts.

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May. 15th, 2015 07:18 am
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To the one who now calls himself Harry Potter:

You belong to me, and always have. This has always been your purpose. This has always been your destiny. Accept it - embrace it.

Come to me and you need never know pain or fear again. Come to me willingly, and you can end this pointless conflict now and forever. Come to me before midnight in two days' time, and no one else need die because of your cowardice. Submit to my will, and understand. It's time, Harry.

Your schoolmates' lives depend on you obeying my command.

We met at 12 Grimmauld last night. There are...there are plans. We won't let this happen.

Ron and Ginny. I love you. I love all of you. Stay strong.

The clo
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I went out to feed the chickens this morning and I almost stumbled over a sack, sitting on the doorstep. It had the official Ouroborus seal on it, so you can imagine how startled I was! And I detected a charm on it, so that only I could see it. It dissipated as soon as I opened the drawstring.

I opened it, and it was FULL of Galleons! I haven't counted them yet--

Is this some sort of set up, so that I can be accused of theft? I can't deny I opened it, because the charm is gone.

Why in Merlin's name would someone at the Ministry give me a SACK FULL OF GALLEONS?!

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Apr. 18th, 2015 11:29 pm
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Ron? RON!

Now RON'S clock hand is at 'Mortal Peril'!
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I hope you've had a lovely day, and my parcel to you arrived without any difficulty.

We'll have a proper family celebration when you come home for the next holiday, of course. In the meantime, I trust your friends made sure you had a nice day.
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Fool! You stupid fool. You had everything exactly wrong.
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I talked with Remus this morning, and you can see that I've written to all my children except Ron.

The gist of what I told Remus and what I told the children was that I'm going to be deliberately stepping back from Ron, using Sherwood as an excuse. If Ron is going to rise in the Auror ranks, I believe he needs to be seen as breaking with me. It will make Antonin Dolohov and Savitha Desai happy, and more inclined to trust Ron.

Alice, I'm sure that Remus will fill you in on all the details of our conversation.
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I've made a decision, and I want to let all of you know about it.

I...I wrote to Ron, even after Justin asked us to let the three of them alone. I told him he didn't need to answer, and I told him all that I wanted him to know was that I would give him any help he needed, above and beyond time. I told him that he was my son and I was his Mum. And that was all I said.

He hasn't replied.

I have been thinking and thinking while holding Adam. I believe I know why Ron hasn't answered, and so I told Remus this morning, when he does debrief the three of them, to pass along this to Ron. I'm not going to tell him myself because....

I believe that what Ron needs, if he's going to follow this path, is distance from his family, and most of all, distance from me. That's the help I need to give him. He won't rise in the Auror ranks if he's seen as having any ties with his soft-hearted mum. This incident in Sherwood is the perfect excuse to make the break. Particularly with the pamphlet coming out.

Dolohov will love it if he thinks he's broken the tie between me and my son. He'll love it. Savitha, too. Good.

So I'm going to let them think that. I told Remus to tell Ron to do everything he can to encourage that impression, including speaking as disparagingly of me as possible if the subject of his family arises. I think it'll make them believe that Ron is more their creature than mine. Like...Percy, you see.

I won't send him any more baked goods or owls while he remains at Hogwarts. If...if he thinks it would help, I'll understand if he doesn't come to the Burrow at Easter at all. Fred and George, perhaps he could stay with you? Or it might be even better if he stays away altogether that week, if he can make an arrangement somehow. When school is out, if he finds a flat again with Justin, he shouldn't come home for Sunday dinner.

I asked Remus to tell him that I'm doing this because...because besides the fact that it'll make a better impression, it might be easier for him to...to do what he has to do if he doesn't have to see me.

All I ask is that he continue to carry Arthur's coin. Or if he doesn't carry it, to just put it away somewhere and keep it safe.

I'm doing this because I love him. Arthur and I raised him and I trust him. And I'm doing my best to show him that by letting him go. If the war ends, he can come back, and I'll welcome him back with open arms, no matter what. I'll do my very best to do that. No matter what he's done.

If he can.
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you don't have to answer this anytime soon

you don't have to answer this at all, if you don't want to

but if you need anything, other than time, I will do what I can to help

even if it doesn't help enough, I just thought you should know

I won't--I won't

you're my son and I'm your mum

I haven't seen your brothers or your sister so I can't speak for them but I hope they'll say the same

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Feb. 1st, 2015 11:44 am
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I'm at the new site for Settlement Six. The original census for this Settlement was eighty-six. We only have about thirty-five people here now, and another ten who came in from surrounding villages. Major Rand, the officer in charge of this Settlement, is confirmed dead, as well as one of the company captains. Oh, Jason Crenshaw is here, one of the men we saved from Strangeweale's group.

So many wounds: terrible bites and burns and...and worse. Everyone is hurt somehow. About four are in desperate shape, and we don't know if we can save them. The muggle healers do such strange things: one man had a forearm torn off, and they simply tightened a belt around his elbow until the bleeding stopped! They called it a turn-i-quit and they managed to save him before a wizard healer with dittany could reach him to close the wound on the stump. Of the rest, half are seriously hurt, and the other half are banged up, but their wounds are minor, so they're hale enough to get up, start securing the boundaries and pulling together a meal. There is a lot of shock and tears but grim determination, too. Two men are transcribing messages coming in on the button network as fast as they can and handing them off to the surviving captains.

Please, those of you in the Order out in the field, on both sides...could you report in, and let us know you're all right?

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Feb. 1st, 2015 08:43 am
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I get up a little late to feed the chickens, glance at my journal, and WHAT DO I FIND? Oh Merlin.

The twins and Bill's hands on the clock keep bouncing between 'travelling' and 'Mortal Peril.'

Ron's is bouncing between 'Working' and 'Mortal Peril.'

Alice, should I come out into the field, too? To help with side alongs?
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I stopped by to visit Tonks this weekend, and my goodness, she looks about ready to pop!

I know she has plenty of help, and she's already an experienced Mum, but I'm dying to ask whether I might come stay with her and Remus and Sirius and Bea, after the baby comes. Not right away, of course, and not for long. Do think if I ask the idea would be welcome or unwelcome? Or is it the sort of thing where she would say 'Yes' while gritting her teeth, waiting for me to leave her in peace?

It might help a little, if only to help keep Miss Bea's nose from going out of joint. I don't want to intrude, but oh, it IS my first grandchild!

What is your advice? Should I ask? Or would you be more comfortable asking her for me? It might be less embarrassing for her to tell me through you, if she wants to say 'No.'

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Dec. 23rd, 2014 06:53 pm
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I'm at Moddey Dhoo. I thought Evelyn might need--

Frank and Alice aren't back yet.
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Thank you for coming over for dinner yesterday. I wanted to send you a note to let you know how grateful I am for your willingness to look over the Burrow and offer some shrewd security suggestions, based upon your auror expertise. I've already put your suggestions into effect, and I know that Fred and George will take your advice seriously, too, once you have a chance to drop by the Emporium building.

But more than that, I wanted to--well, I wanted to apologise. I wasn't very warm or welcoming when we first met, to say the least. It's true that we all grieved Stephen's death, but I have come to see that your decision in the heat of the battle really was the best, both for him and for us. I hope you can understand my fears and prejudices, given your training, but I have to admit you showed much forebearance in bearing with them.

I am more grateful that I can say for what you've done for us since joining the Order. And I'm not speaking merely of the intelligence you have offered, mind. Thank you for keeping our attention focused on security, and thank you for keeping an eye out for Ron for me. I must confess it does relieve my anxieties--just a little--knowing that you are, although I do not deceive myself that he is free of risk of course. But at least knowing you are there amongst the other aurors helps me from letting my fears slop over on him, which would only irritate him, I know!

But most of all, it pleases me to see how happy Bill is when you are together. I don't wish to embarrass you, or make you feel awkward by making unwelcome assumptions about what this may mean for the two of you in the future. I have learned to keep at least some of my hopes to myself, to avoid embarrassing my sons.

Just for now, I want to tell you that it warms my heart to see how good you are for him, and to assure you that you are always welcome at the Burrow and at my table.
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I haven't said anything until now, because I know you have to carefully consider all the pros and cons and security ramifications and so on, but oh, if there is any way we can get into Azkaban to rescue anyone, surely we could try to rescue James Prescott, too?

It was one of Arthur's greatest regrets, that he didn't manage to approach James in time to align him with the Order. I know that Azkaban changes people, but Arthur always said that James' moral compass was pointed unerringly in the right direction.

I know, I know. Trying to infiltrate Azkaban is fraught with danger, and the worth of the prisoners has to be weighed carefully against the feasibility. But oh, James Prescott was worth more than anyone in his whole department, when he was at the Ministry.

I should also warn you...the twins have been exchanging constant owl messages with Fu, and I managed to get a peek at one of them. The contents baffled me, and rather worried me.

Have you ever heard of--I think it was something like a soobmyrrine? I gather that it a muggle version of a Bubblehead charm that allows muggles to travel underwater. Be warned: the twins think that breaking into Azkaban is an excellent idea. I have been extremely firm with them about the necessity of not moving forward without orders, but you know the twins and you know Fu. I have never seen such a maniacal gleam in their eyes.

I'm afraid the greater the challenge, the more the appeal.

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Sep. 8th, 2014 09:37 pm
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Alice, Remus, Kingsley and Lee,

I have last month's reports on the products that moved best in the Emporium, and I'll forward it to you via owl. I think now that colder weather is coming, it's a good time to stock up on woolens and yarns, but I'm wary of stocking product that's 100% alpalca, as that's a product that's known to originate from New Bedford. Yarn mixes with a percentage below 50% I think we can get away with, though. (Unless, Bill, you know of another working farm in the Protectorate that produces Alpalca, and we can eliminate the problem with some creative source re-labeling?)

The whittled artwork has sold well, as has the handmade lace and some of the hand-dyed long coats.

Along with the profit from my rents and the smidgen that Pansy and the twins were willing to set aside from WWW, we have a small but tidy sum which I can forward for the Order's coffers. Remus, should I send it--oh, it's the full moon tonight, isn't it? Never mind. When you're up and about again, please let me know what you think the best use of the money might be.
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It has been difficult for me to put quill to parchment to respond to all who attended Percy's funeral, but I do wish to thank you personally for your condolences to my family on that dreadful day. Percy had spoken admiringly of you in the past, and was proud to be allowed to consider you a mentor. I think that your presence would have touched him very much.

My son Bill has been going through Percy's personal effects, and he has found a book or two which I believe properly belong in your library and should be returned to you. Ronald will have them in his trunk when he returns to Hogwarts to give to you (although he seems quite interested in them himself, and I suspect he very well might read them from cover to cover before returning them).

There is one more thing, and I hesitate to ask it, but I hope might consider doing it as a personal favour to Percy, since he valued your guidance so much.

I have Percy's Head Boy badge. My children have wondered at me for not wanting me to keep it, but I feel so strongly that, well, Percy would have wanted it returned to Hogwarts. He loves--loved--his school so very much, and he was so proud to be honoured with that responsibility.

I know that his time on the Council was extremely short, so I naturally do not expect Our Lord to...to lay a wreath or make any particular note of his passing. But I am, as you may have heard, a rather sentimental mother. And he would have been twenty-one today, had he lived. If I send you the badge, would there be a way that it could be displayed? Perhaps just placed in a tucked away corner of the trophy room, where future Head Boys and Head Girls could remember him? It would be a true comfort to me, in the midst of my loss, to think that there is a small place at Hogwarts that remembers and honors my boy who loved it so well.

Molly Prewett Weasley