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MOLLY WEASLEY delights in being busy, and there is PLENTY in the next few years to keep her busy. The Burrow looks even more rackety than usual as she is always rushing out for a committee meeting. She takes up mentoring start up businesses again (just as she did with the Hope Emporium) and assisting with family reunification (spin off from the Sleeper project).

One of her proudest moments is the day that she attends the ceremony where members of her family are honored for their part in Albion's revolution, and she accepts The Order of Albion, First Class, for herself, and the Order of Albion, First Class, the Phoenix Medal, Second Class, and the Order of Merit, posthumously, for Arthur.

Her circle of friends and acquaintances grows quite large. She continues to juggle multiple responsibilities, lend a listening ear, knit, and host dinners at the Burrow on Sundays for People Who Are Weasleys/Nominally Weasleys (although the linkages get rather attenuated at times). She dotes on her grandchildren and is a parenting mentor to any of the Order Juniors who ask for assistance.

One thing she does NOT do is nag or even so much as hint to her own children that she wants grandkids (she does, desperately, and she is delighted when they come along, but she learned a lot during the war about boundaries, so...).

In about twenty years, she goes through an especially lonely period, missing Arthur, and wondering whether she should try to find someone to new to start a relationship with. But she decides, reluctantly, that after all these years, it would just be too weird.

She maintains a particularly close relationship with Alice, Frank and Poppy. She can always be relied upon to offer up a tin of shortbread or a knitted garment for a new baby.

She lives to a very great age, surrounded by loving and squabbling Weasleys and their extended families.


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