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So that you can be aware of how he's doing, this entry is simply to let you know that I just finished a heart-to-heart talk with Linus Moon.

I think the first shock and numbness has worn off a little, and so the grief is definitely welling up. He seemed to blink back tears at a couple of points in our conversation, although his speech was--oh, you know Linus. Perhaps it would be easier if he went ahead and let himself cry, but he is, after all, a very proud young men and--well, I've raised six boys of my own. I understand why he doesn't want to let himself go. He is very grateful for Ernie Macmillan's offer to help with any arrangements which must be made, but he's fretting about the difficulties presented by his estrangement from Karo. Understandable, certainly.

I judge he is also suffering quite a bit of agony over whatever caused the falling out with Lavender--I didn't get a clear picture of exactly what's going on there. 'The Love of the Muse must burn within the heart of a true poet like a torch when the fire of Love itself falters.'

Or something.

His conversation was rather elliptical (at times downright mystifying) and kept wandering back to Arithmancy. I think his impulse is to bury himself in arithmatic calculations--but he has a most exquisite delicacy about asking you for more projects, Aurora, because 'I don't want to be a burden to her.'

Rachel, I included you because he was also fretting over other people he wanted to inform of his family's death, specifically Padma Patil. I gather they were friends. I told him quite firmly that he must obtain permission from your security personnel before making any attempt to contact her. I was worried he might argue, but instead an expression crossed his face that--oh, he seemed so very tragic and hopeless.

I don't think that he will attempt to contact anyone in defiance of Alice's latest directive, despite how brittle he is, but I just wanted to make you aware.

I do think we should keep a close eye on him. The poor young man.
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