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It's your seventeenth birthday, my darling, and I want to be with you so very much.

You were born at 3:26 pm, at home. Your Dad didn't go to work that day. Pandora Lovegood stopped by for awhile to help with the children, so Dad could be with me and the midwife. Maisie Diggory had brought round lunch and dinner for everyone, but I believe everyone was too excited to eat until rather late. You were the first girl to be born in the Weasley family in a very long time, so it was a very special occasion.

Arthur cut the cord with his wand and held you within five minutes of your being born. I was tired, of course, but so very pleased! We were all oooing and ahhing because you were so pretty! You had a fine crop of red hair, and the tiniest little fingers and toes. You were a little smaller than any of my other babies, but just perfectly formed.

At about five o'clock, we brought your brothers in to meet you, and they all gathered around the bed in Arthur's and my room. Bill held you first. He had a lot of experience with his brothers, of course. You managed to get one little fist out from underneath your blankets and bonked him on the nose, which made him laugh. I remember that Percy was so excited to meet you that he fell right off the bed! Luckily not while he was holding you, though! The twins wanted to hold you, too. They were a little small, but we propped them up well with pillows, one at a time, and they were able to cuddle you, too. They didn't say much, but they had grins from ear to ear. Ron was just a toddler himself, and so he didn't quite understand what this new bundle was that his Mum was holding, but I remember how he patted your cheek and then leaned down and kissed it. They stayed with you for almost an hour. You slept through the whole thing.

In your honour, that night your Dad planted the white rose bush that now climbs and cascades over the back door, the one that smells so lovely. Did I ever tell you the name of it? It's called 'White Dawn.'

I love you. I carried you under my heart for nine months, and I will carry you in my heart always.
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