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Jun. 11th, 2015 05:15 pm
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I've been exchanging private messages in the journals with Percy's ex-girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater. She claims to be horrified with the stories in the Prophet about the Order murdering civilians, and isn't sure what to think. She's openly admitted that she's been charged to glean whatever information from us that she can, and so I'm not sure whether her professions of horror are a calculated attempt to make me blurt out something that her 'friends' can use against us. So I'm being cautious in my replies to her. At any rate, I wanted to pass along what she has reported about conditions in New London:
There were a tonne of shortages. Queues for hours, and when you got to the front, they'd be charging ridiculous prices for the handful of things they had left, and you'd be grateful to get them. And hardly anyone has a steady paycheck, so I've seen people trying to exchange silverware for food. I was honestly worried about starving, and when Karo brought me in, it was such a relief at first, because they had a steady supply of things.

At least the streets were safe at night, and they had the good sense to lift the restrictions for halfbloods. Even though there isn't any crime to speak of, or restrictions, most people still stay inside most nights because they're so frightened.
I'm trying to make her see reason, but really, it's very uphill work. She did mention other issues that are supposedly raising doubts in her mind, and so I also wanted to pass those along, as the fears underlying these should be certainly be addressed by our own news outlets.
  • Apparently, the Protectorate's party line is stressing the violence associated with the uprisings in the camps ("anarchy and brutality"), and in Ireland.
  • There are reports of people missing from their homes
  • We are, of course, being blamed for the 'tragedy at Hogwarts,' but I'm unclear exactly how that's being pinned on us
  • Draco, I'm sorry, but the damage that's already been done to your reputation is lending credence to the lies the Prophet has published: 'I knew Draco was dangerous, he'd killed before, after all, but this just seemed beyond the pale...'
  • She also speaks of 'a world descending into chaos' and 'the violence caused by the Order.' I would judge from this that a longing for security and order is one of the themes that's being heavily stressed
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