Jul. 19th, 2015

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Jul. 19th, 2015 12:03 pm
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Good news: Of course, many of the Sleepers waking up know each other, because they were from the same area and so were in the same family or near neighbours. We've passed another milestone, however: Jen Arachne is working miracles, and we've made several matches of newly awakened Sleepers with people already in the Reunification Registry. Yesterday we had our first reunion. Mrs Janki Bhattachayra's daughter and son-in-law thought she had died back in 1983, when the Sleeper project began. Mrs Bhattachayra was shocked at how much her daughter had aged and astonished at how old her grandchildren are now, but there were happy tears all around.

Hermione, the potion has improved noticeably in the past week with your tweaks. And there are less hiccups with the whole potion administration process, and we've polished our orientation process somewhat, so there is a bit less trauma with awakening for everyone concerned than there was in the first couple of days.

Several of the awakened Sleepers have recovered enough that they are beginning to do simple jobs for us. We have organised a few teachers who are giving the newly awakened catch-me-up orientations for a couple of hours every morning, and then their time is spent either sleeping/recovering, doing interviews with the Reunification team to give them data to help track down families, and light tasks for those who are willing (knitting socks is something that some of the women can and are willing to do even the first day). We are trying to get everyone out of bed after two days at the most. New people are awakening to fill those bed every day!


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