Feb. 4th, 2015

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I've made a decision, and I want to let all of you know about it.

I...I wrote to Ron, even after Justin asked us to let the three of them alone. I told him he didn't need to answer, and I told him all that I wanted him to know was that I would give him any help he needed, above and beyond time. I told him that he was my son and I was his Mum. And that was all I said.

He hasn't replied.

I have been thinking and thinking while holding Adam. I believe I know why Ron hasn't answered, and so I told Remus this morning, when he does debrief the three of them, to pass along this to Ron. I'm not going to tell him myself because....

I believe that what Ron needs, if he's going to follow this path, is distance from his family, and most of all, distance from me. That's the help I need to give him. He won't rise in the Auror ranks if he's seen as having any ties with his soft-hearted mum. This incident in Sherwood is the perfect excuse to make the break. Particularly with the pamphlet coming out.

Dolohov will love it if he thinks he's broken the tie between me and my son. He'll love it. Savitha, too. Good.

So I'm going to let them think that. I told Remus to tell Ron to do everything he can to encourage that impression, including speaking as disparagingly of me as possible if the subject of his family arises. I think it'll make them believe that Ron is more their creature than mine. Like...Percy, you see.

I won't send him any more baked goods or owls while he remains at Hogwarts. If...if he thinks it would help, I'll understand if he doesn't come to the Burrow at Easter at all. Fred and George, perhaps he could stay with you? Or it might be even better if he stays away altogether that week, if he can make an arrangement somehow. When school is out, if he finds a flat again with Justin, he shouldn't come home for Sunday dinner.

I asked Remus to tell him that I'm doing this because...because besides the fact that it'll make a better impression, it might be easier for him to...to do what he has to do if he doesn't have to see me.

All I ask is that he continue to carry Arthur's coin. Or if he doesn't carry it, to just put it away somewhere and keep it safe.

I'm doing this because I love him. Arthur and I raised him and I trust him. And I'm doing my best to show him that by letting him go. If the war ends, he can come back, and I'll welcome him back with open arms, no matter what. I'll do my very best to do that. No matter what he's done.

If he can.
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I talked with Remus this morning, and you can see that I've written to all my children except Ron.

The gist of what I told Remus and what I told the children was that I'm going to be deliberately stepping back from Ron, using Sherwood as an excuse. If Ron is going to rise in the Auror ranks, I believe he needs to be seen as breaking with me. It will make Antonin Dolohov and Savitha Desai happy, and more inclined to trust Ron.

Alice, I'm sure that Remus will fill you in on all the details of our conversation.


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